Schedule Your Workouts {Turn It Up 20 @SoulCycle}

As the assistant for two Nat Geo executives, my job is to handle their calendars, schedule meetings and make the best use of their time.

I have always loved keeping a planner for myself, and while I keep some important dates in my phone or on my computer calendar, I still use a physical planner and write everything down. I write down events I’m doing to, friends and family member’s birthdays, movie release dates, and even my workouts. Yes, every one of my workouts is put into my schedule ahead of time so I can plan around them for making other plans. (The planner I got for 2016 by Sarah Pinto -and it’s printed on 100% recycled paper containing 100% post-consumer waste with soy inks)

Nearly two weeks ago I got an email from the SoulCycle listserv about the Turn It Up 20 challenge – and I knew my wallet was in trouble when I didn’t even think twice about whether or not I was going to sign up. 20 classes in 30 days. It sounds crazy right? Not as crazy as you think, really!

I signed up for the challenge (free to sign up) and loaded my account up with classes (sooo not free), and then immediately started scheduling my life for the next few weeks. I like to have choices, so I put together a word doc with all of the possible class times I could go between Tuesday, April 19th and Wednesday, May 18th when the challenge ends.


Now after just a week, I have already completed 7/20 classes (including snagging a bike for the 10th Anniversary ‘SOULiversary’ ride last night)! I’m on track to reach 11 or 12 by the weekend! Plus with my move to Rosslyn this Sunday I won’t have to wake up quite as early for 7AM SOUL classes anymore (and I won’t have to deal with traffic to get there).

SOULiversary was yesterday and SoulCycle turned 10!

I’m so happy that my friend Josh and I were able to get bikes (there was a 440 person wait list for the MTVN ride!) and celebrate SOUL!

You make time for the things you want to make time for. I make time to take care of my body, mind, and SOUL – and Turn It Up 20 is the perfect way for me to challenge myself, schedule my rides, and make it happen!

Scheduling your workouts really allows your to have more time for other things you want to do, like going to happy hour! Want to go to happy hour right after work? Get your workout done in the morning – and hold yourself accountable. I also put a fun message on my iPhone alarm to motivate me to get up and workout when I’m going really early in the morning.

For me, going to SoulCycle is something I’m excited about every morning/night that I go! Getting up at 5 something in the morning is worth it to get my workout in before work, and going to one of Jared’s classes at night is like going to a party (except burning way more calories and maybe even having more fun)!

Laying it all out in my calendar the week before makes managing my time SO much easier, and I already have it in my head that I’m going to those workouts, and the rest of the time I can go have non workout fun!

Do you schedule your workouts??


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