Moving to Rosslyn: The Perfect Fit!

Since I graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2014, I’ve been living at home outside Alexandria, VA with my parents. TWO years of living at home feels like a long time. I honestly think that the best mother’s day present for my mom this year is that I’m moving out. Is it okay to put that on a card? Maybe I should include some flowers too. (Check me out featured in 5 Confessions of Roommates Who Live With Their Parents by my good friend Emma Goddard) The time has finally come for me to move out! I’m moving this coming SUNDAY. It finally felt really real when my first rent payment showed up on my account as ‘processing’!

I’m moving to Rosslyn (3.0 miles from my office at National Geographic, as opposed to my current 24.5 mile commute from chez Hellmuth) with my friends Linnea and Kieran.


It’s a perfect 840 sq feet with 2 bed rooms + a den/bedroom-ish room (my room) and 1 bathroom. You read that right. 3 girls, 1 bathroom. But the rent is a perfect price, and the location can’t be beat. It’s the perfect first apartment right outside the city for 3 girls with growing careers, and buzzing social lives (see you at Don Tito’s, am I right?).

I feel like I’m part of a older couple who is downsizing. I’m going from living in a 12’x12′ bedroom in my parents’ house with free food/water/utilities, and moving into a 9’x8’8″ room. Let me just tell you that I’m genuinely excited to be consolidating all of my shit and only taking what I really NEED to take/really WEAR to the new place.

I feel like in my room now I have a million different sets of drawers, and having that many places to put extra and more clothes just encourages me to buy more clothes. It’s a little ridiculous. Just the other day I spent a few hours separating t-shirts that I will be taking to the apartment. SO many sorority t-shirts, college t-shirts, and random shirts that may not even be mine, let’s be honest.

The best thing I’ve bought in ancipation of this move is a wardrobe from Ikea. I had been looking at a smaller one on the Ikea website, but when mom and I saw this one, and it included 4 shelves next to the hanging clothes area, we were like, This one. YOU/I need this one.” We’re already dreading putting it together in my little room. Isn’t that what’s so fun about Ikea? Incredible!

Did I mention the wardrobe is called “DOMBÅS Wardrobe, white”? I’m going to look like a DOMBÅS white girl putting this wardrobe together. Please pray for me, my parents, and whatever other poor souls may be helping me move in. It’s going to be so much fun!

I’m so excited to live in my first apartment ‘in the city’ in this glorious world I live in called post-grad life (finishing up year 2 of this weird thing called ‘real life’).

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