Healthy in the City {My Favorite Spots in DC}

If you are not currently living in one of the regions that UberEats delivers too, you’re missing out on some amazing food. Your wallet is probably a hell of a lot less strained than mine right now, but I’m content with my food choices.

Thanks to the convenience of UberEats I have been able to try out so many different restaurants in the city without leaving my office. The instant delivery menu options are usually pretty awesome, and come from great restaurants! In case you hadn’t heard, UberEats recently expanded to FULL SERVICE DELIVERY and is now delivering food from 9AM to 10PM, and over 100 local restaurants are participating! Thanks for supporting my sometimes super laziness when it comes to going out and getting food!

I tested out the full service delivery on launch day (big mistake). It took 2 hours for me to get a kale salad from a restaurant (I could’ve totally walked there from work). It was the first day of full service delivery – so I’m not mad! The kale salad was 100% worth it (#3 on my list below) and I’m sure UberEats full service is all set and rolling now!

I try my best to eat healthy for lunch (partly so I can eat whatever I want for dinner) and to not eat snacks that are super bad for me. Diet = a balancing act! We all fall off the diet balance beam sometimes, but it’s so important to remember that one meal isn’t going to completely negate all of the progress you’ve made!

Here are my favorite meals from healthy and great spots in DC! (Not all on UberEats)
Note:A lot of these include kale and/or goat cheese, because both are fantastic! If you don’t like kale then it’s super possible that you haven’t had well-massaged kale. You should try it again.

  • Fried Cauliflower, Green Onion & “Everything” Spice Hummus Bowl from Little Sesame (All of their hummus bowls are amazing, by the way!)
  • Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad from Ris DC
    – Goat cheese, pecans, pickled onions and roasted sweet potato, cranberries,
    sherry maple vinaigrette and mustard cream
  • Kale Salad from Teddy and the Bully Bar
    -Pears, Five Spice Goat Cheese Parmesan, Smoked Pecans, Maple Sherry Vinaigrette
  • Frida Kale Bowl from Beefsteak (not on UberEats but it’s right on Connecticut Ave NW!)
  • No kale in this one – Chicken Deluxe Bowl from Chix 14th Street
    -Chopped chicken, black beans, choice of rice, lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar topped in the house avocado vinaigrette (This sounds even better than Chipotle, just saying)

I have no shame when it comes to taking pictures of my food and posting them on Instagram!


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