Why I’m Selling My Soul to SoulCycle

Last summer all I wanted was to become an active member at a cycling studio. My best friend Linnea convinced me to get a membership at the Golds Gym closer to her house so that we could do spin and body pump classes together. I had a much more relaxed work schedule, as I was working in the restaurant industry as a social media coordinator and hostess.

Josh survived his first SoulCycle class!

When I got my current job in October, my schedule quickly changed. I used to have Mondays off, worked a lot of weekend hours, and sometimes only worked a few double shifts in a week. Transitioning to a 40-50 hour work week in an office was actually a very welcomed change for me. I like consistency (not that working in PR provides that much consistency except for always being busy) – but I was unable to keep my gym membership at Golds. I actually paid to cancel it. The latest spin classes there at 6:30 PM and often times I don’t even leave my office in DC until 7:30 PM.

Now – I am undeniably obsessed with SoulCycle. Months ago, I would not have been thrilled about the price of the classes, but I can walk to two different SoulCycle locations from my office (WEND & MTVN), and I 100% think the workouts are worth the price. Shout out to my coworker Tizzy who got me hooked! (I would totally pay a little less – but I love the workout I get!)

I had always heard that SoulCycle was like a cult. It is a cult in the best way possible. Why would you not want to surround yourself with people who want to get a killer workout and don’t care if they ‘get ugly’ sweating it out? The ‘soul pack’ is such a great environment to work out in. You’re practically dancing on a stationary bike with strangers, and sweating your ass off. Despite how much I sweat, I still feel absolutely hyped and energized at the end of class (even one of Wayne’s killer classes!)


I’ve already been making a commitment and an investment in going. I purchased two individual classes last week – to make sure that I was hooked – and when I knew I was, I bought a 10 class pass. I have 3 months to use 10 classes, and I’m on my second this week! Do you have SOUL?

Working out is meant to make you feel great! I have absolutely found my happy, healthy, sweaty workout home at SoulCycle.

“You’re not working out,
you’re working on YOURSELF.”


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