I Gave Up Alcohol for 50 Days and I Didn’t Miss Out

*The Perfect Fit by Jordan will cover fitness, health, fashion, and the ins and outs of my twenty something life living and working in the Washington, DC area. 


For my first post back blogging, and with my rebranding of the blog formerly known as Jordan in Pearls, I wanted to share a personal journey (cheesy word). I think it’s important for those of us in our twenties especially to take a step back and take a look at our lives and see what we may be missing, or need more of. For me, it’s about more confidence and strength, and less booze.

It’s so easy to get caught up in going to happy hours, and downing drinks at open bar events. It was easy for me to work a long week at my day job, go to a 15 hour production shoot that Saturday, and then not pay attention to how much I was drinking that Super Bowl Sunday mixed with my exhaustion.

I drove home, and I made it home just fine — but I knew I needed to stop going out and drinking like I was still in college. Drinking and driving is never okay! I am only 23, but there are so many things that are more important to me in life than going out and drinking alcohol. When alcoholism runs in your family, it’s pretty scary. Alcohol made me gain weight in college and has never done me any favors. On February 8th I stopped drinking alcohol and set a goal to not drink for the entirety of lent. I never really did lent growing up; my family is Presbyterian, not Catholic.

I gave up alcohol two days before the start of lent (which is officially 46 days), and decided to push myself more and give up alcohol for 50 days. At the time 50 days seemed like a long way away. A week and one day after I stopped drinking, my grandma passed away. Funerals and family gatherings can come with a lot of booze, but I resisted. Of course no one in my family found it weird that I wasn’t drinking; they asked if I wanted to, but I politely said no.

The first two weeks were the strangest. I say strange instead of most difficult, because I wasn’t missing alcohol itself, but I would say I had some FOMO (fear of missing out). What was I missing though? Drinking with family members? Drinking at a coworker’s farewell happy hour? Having a date think I’m weird for not drinking? (This never happened!) All I was missing out on was a possible hangover the next day. Looking back, I was missing out on a lot more when I was drinking. I was missing out on more meaningful conversations, and strengthening friendships and relationships because alcohol really gets in the way of everything.

By the third week, I was feeling great. When you stop drinking for an extended period of time, you just feel lighter. I’ve been eating well, and working out regularly, and my mind, body and soul have felt amazing.

Before I knew it, I had reached day 50 (yesterday, March 28, 2016) of being alcohol free. Time certainly flies when you’re living a full life and remember each and every moment of it. I can’t remember what alcohol tastes like. Never doubt yourself. You can do anything you set your mind and heart to. I have the most amazing family, friends and coworkers that always support me. I feel so much happier and healthier and truly feel changed for doing this.


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